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Volunteer: If you’d like to contribute to the Mission of Thistle and Bee as a volunteer, complete the volunteer form. Please specify which areas of the volunteer program where you are most interested. We will contact you directly as opportunities for those areas become available. Partner with us: Promote your company’s commitment to community and Memphis while working to alleviate the lives of sex-trafficking survivors. Fill out this form to further Thistle and Bee’s success by identifying ways your business can help. Sell Thistle and Bee products: Are you a business owner with shelf space to spare? Do you have an upcoming event where Thistle and Bee can promote and sell honey, granola, and tea? Please indicate your interest in selling products, or allowing Thistle and Bee to participate in an event where our items are sold by completing this form. We will contact you directly to begin working together. Purchase Thistle and Bee products: Our products are handmade by survivors in our social enterprise. Every purchase counts.