Community Meetings + Coffee

Community Meetings + Coffee

Monday's are hard for anybody. For us, two things get us going each Monday morning - Community Meetings + Coffee. 

In order to start our weeks strong at The Hive (or residence for women survivors), we gather together and reflect. Everyone shares their, Aspirations (and goals), Annoyances, Announcements, Appointments and Acknowledgements (and gratitudes).

This allows us to get our hearts and minds set and focused for the week. Creating routines create stability and grounds us in the heart work and work work ahead for each one of us. It gives space for support, to hear and recognize where we are and where we can help our sisters. It gives space to show love and be love. Love, as a verb, also means to thrive in, just as a rose thrives in sunlight. Each day, each week, we work to become thrivers.

And, of course, our new partnership with J. Brooks coffee helps! Bridgette sweetens the morning by making up a batch of her Iced Honey Coffee.

Enjoy your week!

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