Thistle & Bee is dedicated to empowering women survivors of prostitution, trafficking, and addiction. Our mission is to provide a transformative and supportive environment where these women can heal and rebuild their lives.

We offer a free, community-based safe haven living model for two years, allowing the women to do the inner work needed to break the cycle of poverty, trauma, and multi-system failure. Our goal is to address the unprecedented highs in sex trafficking and prostitution by fostering lasting change and helping these women reclaim their lives.

  • Personalized Services

    At Thistle & Bee, each woman is provided with personalized services tailored to her unique needs. This individualized approach ensures that every participant receives the specific support and resources required to overcome her challenges and achieve her goals.

  • Comprehensive Clinical Program

    Our clinical program spans two years, offering intensive and holistic care. Upon completing the program, participants have access to aftercare services to help them transition smoothly and maintain their progress. This comprehensive support system is designed to foster long-term recovery and stability.

  • Social Enterprise Employment

    Thistle & Bee’s social enterprise offers women up to 18 months of employment in a nurturing environment, providing job experience, mentoring, valuable skills, and confidence to break cycles of poverty.