DIAL (901) 338-8299 FOR SUPPORT

Thistle and Bee offers a two-year residential program designed to address the needs of women desiring to exit sex trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. Women live in a home setting where they have daily opportunities to practice community living as they heal from histories of physical, emotional, and sexual trauma.

The work of staff and volunteers is guided by the conviction that every women who comes to Thistle & Bee is inherently worthy of love and respect. We believe in the transformative power of love and strive to create a community marked by unwavering support and mutual accountability.

As women helping women, we will make the admission process as simple as possible. The first step is to call 901.338.8299.

We understand that reaching out takes courage. You will be asked to answer a series of questions which will help us determine whether you are a good fit for our program. If you are, we will schedule a face-to-face intake interview with you.

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  • The First Six Months

    Upon entering the program survivors work with staff to assess their individual needs and begin setting goals for the future. Medical, dental, and various therapeutic interventions are available as indicated. The focus during this phase is on rest, recovery and healing.

  • The Second Six Months

    After six months residents may begin working part time in Thistle and Bee’s social enterprise, making products and/or learning to care for bees. Participation in 12 step recovery meetings and various individual and group therapies are ongoing. In addition, educational goals are set and job readiness training begins. Staff insures that needed resources are matched to each woman’s personalized care plan.

  • The Second Year

    Upon completion of the first year, program participants begin to focus on planning for the future. They will assume added responsibilities in the social enterprise and will have the opportunity to work up to 32 hours per week. They continue to participate in—and sometimes lead—various support groups and training workshops. Recovery, therapy, and education continues.

  • Graduation - Sisters for Life

    We hope women who graduate will stay connected to the community. Graduates are encouraged to mentor new women entering the program and continue to participate in appropriate support groups. Some will become Survivor Leaders as employees of Thistle & Bee.

    All will be Sisters for Life!