Autumn Chastain, Chief Executive Officer

Autumn brings with her twenty years of experience as a lawyer and leader of her own firm, with a background of significant experience in child welfare and family law, and a passion for protecting the rights of trafficking survivors.

Autumn plans to continue to strengthen the basic Thistle & Bee program.  In 2022, Thistle & Bee will expand both the clinical program resources and social enterprise. The latter will increase the number of beehives, expand the honey product line, and launch the corporate gift division. Autumn has laid out two goals to build upon Thistle & Bee’s success. First, will be to find or build a transitional property where graduates can rent an apartment while they work and build their credit. Her second goal will address the issue of the children and survivors. Thistle & Bee will work with a guardianship program to provide the option of safe housing for children during the two years so mothers can focus on the program.

Board of Directors

Susan Lattimore


Lacey Mauk


Brooks Terry

Past President

Rev. Eyleen Farmer, Founder, President Emeritus


Madge Deacon


Martha Boyd


Sudha Ganguli, MD


Barbara King


Maria Rindosova