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Thistle and Bee Enterprises Inc.

Honey - Hot Infused

Honey - Hot Infused

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Love is the sweetest thing in the world. We believe honey from Thistle & Bee's apiaries comes in second! The honey in each jar was harvested by survivors, our sisters, employed by our social enterprise program. Our local, Memphis wildflower honey captures the all the different flavors of our community from season to season. Seasonal variety will vary!

This honey is infused with a touch of heat from serrano and jalapeno peppers for a bit of sweet kick.  Perfect to add on chicken or pork or be daring drizzling it over a bowl of vanilla ice cream.

NOTE: Honey does not go bad. Most honey will crystallize over time, meaning you can’t see through it anymore, and it becomes less liquid and more solid. If your honey crystallizes, put the jar (lid on) in a pot of hot (not boiling) water, and violà – it’s back to liquid in minutes. 

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